This blog is going to be an outlet to share my many endeavors/bad ideas. Whether it be a tale of attempting to abscond with a cement deer to learning woodcarving and carpentry. As my funds are currently non-existent it will mostly be tales of past mischief while I save up to get supplies and equipment (a digital camera for instance)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I couldn't figure out how to embed video but I think everyone should watch this. They take video from CSPAN and other news networks and autotune it. This song is one of my favourites. It's called turtles: 
Autotune the News

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Saddest and Most Touching Story I Have Ever Read

Warning: The is a good chance that this story will make you cry, but it's extremely touching and I think you should read it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Apparently my old DeviantArt account still exists despite the fact that I haven't logged in in about 4 years. So I've decided to share some of my old duct tape creations.

This is the first purse I made. I've probably made about 8 since. It zipped closed and also had a zippered pocket inside.

I didn't know it was my friend's birthday (because she never told me when it was) so I made her this card in my history class.

Some of the first things I made were a hat and pair of gloves that ended up changing colour frequently. I ended up taping them to a 2 liter bottle to make Dewey. The hat was also one of the few things I used something other than tape, zippers, and wire for. The bill is some cardboard from an empty 12 pack.

Made myself a backpack junior year. It's compartmentalized inside. Used n old pen for the latching mechanism, the rest is tape.

Cosplay for the second annual Anizonia, an anime con in Phoenix, AZ. Gloves, hat, and tunic are 100% tape. Also made a working bow and arrow out of a thin piece of wood, a dowel rod, and some twine. IT was accurate to about 40 ft. Later that year I went to Anime Expo with Vash's trenchcoat from Trigun made completely of duct tape, but I don't have any pics of it.

My wallet for about a 3 year period. It was originally silver. It's also been purple, black, blue, camo, orange, and pure red.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just found this on the web to help people prepare for the Renaissance festival:

Important Elizabethan English Phrases

Stepping into the past at a Renaissance festival can be intimidating if you don't know how to speak Elizabethan English. To help, here's a list of the phrases you will most often need to use:
  • Oy, Sire, dids't thou see my missing hounds? Some knaive hast released them from their pen. They've a day's work to do and I must known who hast released my dogs. Who? Who, I ask you? Who?
  • If it were that thou didst like the wench, pray tell why not apply a ring to her?
  • My riding style is quite clean in the crop, but some rogue continues to attempt to spy me riding dirtily. Zounds!
  • Please, good sirs, say "Uhhhhhhh Nuh Nah Nuh Nah!"
I must find this sweater vest. If anyone comes across send me a message please.
It will be mine.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is a Public Service Announcement

Gather 'round kids, it's time for a story.

About 5 months ago or so I went to a Flogging Molly concert in South Carolina with my buddy Bull (open act was Frank Turner, he's amazing. Check him out.) Now the thing to know about Bull is that when we hang out we tend to drink and do stupid/ill-advised things (like turn a disposable camera into a taser). So we were at the show and we got to drinking and having a good time. It's was great and had some good mosh pits, which is rare there. Afterward we went to Denny's to sober up a little and Bull made a great suggestion. He asked if I wanted to go steal a deer. My immediate answer was "Hell yes!".

So, we drive around a little to this trailer park towards the edge of town. In front of it there were two fake deer to advertise since the park was called "Deer Wood". Well, we pulled up next to it assuming the deer were ceramic or target deer or something. We quickly realized they were actually made of cement reinforced with rebar and strapped to the  ground with the things they use to hold trailers down during hurricanes. So there was no way we were going to get them. I didn't want to leave empty handed so I grabbed a free standing fence post with the numbers for the trailers in the park and yanked it out of the ground, threw in the car, and drove off.

About 3 months later I went to SC to visit my gf for a couple months (I'm currently living in Georgia) and when I show up at here new place it all seems a little familiar. I walk up to her front door, but before going in I look across the street and do a double taking. Staring at me from across the way are the 2 deer I tried to steal. Now, my gf new the story but had no idea where the caper had taken place. So I ended having to be reminded daily of my failed quest for 2 months.

I now feel as though I must be destined to steal those deer. And one day I shall return with bolt cutters and a truck and kidnap them. I will mount their heads on my wall and turn their bodies into a kitchen table. I will keep you all updated as it pans out.
As I have no idea what to write, I think I'll talk about the last mind blowing movie I saw. It's no longer in print but can still be found online.

It's called "Perfume", a movie about perfume and murder. It's starts with a poor child in France with a super human sense of smell. He wants to learn to preserve each new scent. It's an exciting drama with plenty of action and suspense. Including scenes of a massive orgy and mass cannibalism at the end. I can't really say more without some spoilers, but it is an amazing film and I implore everyone to find and watch it.

To give you an idea of how awesome it is, I recommended it to a friend and loaned it to him. After three weeks he finally watched it. The following day he went out and bought three copies, one for his parent, one for his brother, and one for himself.